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TUSA Liberator X-Ten Fins
Rating: TUSA-Liberator-X-Ten-Fins Great Fins for a Great Price 8/29/2007

I dont know why anyone would want to spend $100.00 or more for fins when you can get these fins for under $30.00. Adjusting them are as easy as a quick tug on the strap. Have had no problems with fatigue on dives or snorkeling swims of over an hour.

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Neosport by Henderson 7mm Medium Sole Zipper Dive Boots
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-7mm-Medium-Sole-Zipper-Dive-Boots Great choice and Great price 8/29/2007

These boots are very comfortable and the have had no problems with the zippers coming open. The soles are just firm enough to walk on sandy or rocky ground without being too stiff to be comfortable squeezing into fins.

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Mares X-Vision Mask
Rating: Mares-X-Vision-Mask Great deal on a Great Mask 8/29/2007

This mask is as comfortable, and offers as good of visability, as masks costing 2 to 3 times as much . It is extremely easy to adjust with just a quick tug on the strap. I have no troubles with leaks and have let two other divers try it and they both agree.

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