Scuba Gear Reviews by emanuele m.

Rating: Magnum Custom Speargun Very solid, stable knife 7/30/2007

I never had a TUSA knife but I am very happy with this purchase. It is a very stable, handable, solid knife. I like the locking system, the bright colors available, the handle, and the blade... very satisfied. Only 1 problem replace the leg straps because th eone it comes with are flemsy...

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JBL Magnum Custom Speargun
Rating: JBL-Magnum-Custom-Speargun Compact, powerful, and cheap... 7/30/2007

I was looking for something noy bulky but efficient at short distance (10-12 feet) so I trusted the name "JBL" and went for this compacy gun. It performed very well, a little bit rough and hard to load especially if you want to use both slings. I do recommend it if you dont want to spend to much and have a compact gun. No complaints and very satisfied (so far...).

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