Scuba Gear Reviews by Ray G.

Innovative Signal Mirror
Rating: Innovative-Signal-Mirror A must have survival accessory

small, compact, and effective. as a former navy aircraft carrier pilot i know the necessity of open water survival gear and the need to communicate your presence over a large distance. between march and june 2008 there were 7 instances in the media where divers were left floating in open water for 3 to 60 hours. in the vast ocean, you have three basic concerns staying afloat, staying alive, and being seen. in the daytime, a survival mirror transforms your visual presence from an invisible black dot on the surface of the ocean to a bright dot visible out to ten miles! all the above divers reported seeing rescue craft looking for them but could not get their attention. when you practice with one of these, youll understand how that would immediately change. while youre at it, get a high intensity strobe light for night too. while only visible to the naked eye for 2-3 miles, they are visible to night vision goggles out to 30 miles.

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Pelican Nemo 8C Light
Rating: Pelican-Nemo-8C-Dive-Light Best value and design available for a primary dive light

Weve used three different lights while diving and love the Nemo 8C. The price, design, function, and incredible brightness of the Nemo 8C make it the best full-sized dive light on the market. It is easily comparable to dive lights costing five times as much (the Nemo 8C is brighter though), but in a much more compact package due to the design. The lifetime operating cost might seem high at first because you only get 30 hours on primary bulb. Look at it this way, if you invest the difference in price to other models on replacement bulbs, youd have over 300 hours of night/cave/cavern diving with the Nemo 8C before you reached the price of the $150 flashlights. Thats a lot of diving and a lot of fun for the money. Dont be mistaken into thinking low price means low quality. The Nemo 8C is well designed, solidly constructed, and it fills the water with light. The switch is the easiest to use of any light weve tried. Buy it. Youll be happy you did.

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