Scuba Gear Reviews by Scott M.

Rating: Great Camera for the Price

This is the best buy I have made in a while. It is easy to use, simple to understand with the directions and offers topside as well as underwater advantage. I like the fact that I dont need a camera housing to take it underwater. I like the fact that it uses AA batteries and not the real expensive specialty batteries. I like the fact that it is expandable with an SD card and the software that comes with it is easy and helpful for adjusting the quality of the pictures - if its needed. It has an underwater setting so the colors that are naturally blocked by the density of the water are accommodated when the format is set to underwater mode. Great pictures without spending what professionals have to purchase. For short money, it can be used under or above the water with ease. We really enjoy it and are glad we made the purchase. Scott

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Scuba BC Knife
Rating: Scuba-BC-Knife BC Blunt Knife Value

I like the single sided knife because as a either a second knife or a knife that will be in a location other than on your leg, it is easily reached for safety purposes. The single sided advantage offers less risk of cutting yourself, especially if your not a very experienced diver. The serrated cutting side is best for cutting through lines or rope that could become a safety issue. The addition of the metal protruding out the end of the handle for tapping (tank or other), is also more of a safety advantage. For the cost, its well worth the money for me. Scott

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Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap Good Basic Strap

The strap is flexible, adjustable and secure. I would like to have the option to get a slightly longer strap. The limited strap length is the only downside for me. If I wanted to use it on my calf, it is not long enough. Not knowing where you want a small knife may be an issue if you want it on your calf and its too short. Other than that, it works great and can be secured to anything (arm or equipment). Its a good, basic knife strap. Scott

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