Scuba Gear Reviews by Vladimir Pavlov

Rating: This is the perfect underware for wetsuits!

On my open water dive class I had to put wetsuit for the first time and it was so tight that I was sure I will feel pretty awkward and have real hard time putting it on, having swim shorts undreneath it because they are so baggy. I wouldnt wear Speedos and allow even the fish to make fun of me, so I bought these Shorts and they are the absolute best thing to wear under a wetsuit. They look very sharp and have SPF50 so if you even wear them when you jump in the water your precious everything is safe from the harmful sun rays. I reccomend these shorts and promise you that you will love them for sure. Probably you will end up buying the top too which is a long sleeve rash guard shirt made from the same material with the same SPF50 protection. If you put both you will be ready for a review on the boat :D:D:D

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Rating: Real nice mask bag! Goes great with the XS Deluxe Mash Backpack

It is perfect for storing your mask safe, away from all the things you throw(or gently put)in your main diev bag. The lid allows you to put your snorkel accross on top and this way not separate it from the mask.Very convenient! This mask bag comes with I promise you THE BEST defogger put in a nice pocket on the side , made especially for it. Buy this bag and get the Bentley of all bags the XS Deluxe Mash Backpack too, which have a small nice hook to clip the mask bag inside:) You will never regret this purchase!

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Rating: This is THE BEST BAG EVER!

I love everything about it. everything in it is made perfect to the smallest detail. It is beautiful too and I get compliments from other divers for it:) So far I carry my wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel, towel, booties, BCD and regulator plus small gadgets like knife, dive lights, sunscreen etc. in it and it holds them perfect. If you dont buy it now, you will see somebody carying it and you will buy it then, later. Be smart, get it now!

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