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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Surprisingly good

I was dubious of this bag because I have large fins and I dont usually have luck with "one size fits all"-type products, but its a winner. The fins (Oceanic Vortex V12s) fit with a little wiggle room to spare. The compartment for the mask is a tad too small for my HydroOptix, but fits my backup mask with ease. All the straps are sturdy and its a comfortable carry: I had to load up my snorkeling gear and hike down a good distance of rocky cliff to access a spot in Lake Powell, and the bag didnt dig or slip or hinder me. I like the product and can recommend it as functional & practical.

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Deep See Flexstream Snorkel
Rating: Deep-See-Flexstream-Snorkel Cheap but good

I wanted a simple, wide-channel snorkel, and thats what I got with the Deep See Flexstream. Its comfortable and efficient.

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Deep See Flexstream Snorkel
Rating: Deep-See-Flexstream-Snorkel Impulse purchase that worked

My Hydrooptix mask had to be sent off for a face plate change and Id been meaning to pick up an inexpensive spare mask, so I took advantage of an open-box sale and got this Tilos. The fit was surprisingly good on my wide face, and the low volume made the mask easy to purge. Great value for the money.

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Oceanic Downloader - USB Version 1
Rating: Oceanic-Downloader---USB Does the job, but...

i like my vt pro computer, but i think its a shame that the usb cordnecessary for uploading dive data to any computerdoesnt come standard. paying $400-500 for a computer is one thing, but an additional $79 for a simple usb cord stings. i cant imagine the meager additional profit is worth the customer aggravation such add-on costs cause. the product itself works just fine, though the addition of a software cd would have been welcome. the program is a free download from the company website, but its just another example of oceanic asking the customer to jump through hoops for basic functionality. the product works, and is absolutely necessary to keep a full, feature-rich catalog of your dives if you have any of a dozen or so oceanic dive computers. the records it keeps through a few clicks & a short upload are terrific, and being able to print out pages for my dive log complete with graphs is great. but each time i use it, im reminded that oceanic stuck it to me an extra $80 or so for something that should have been included with my dive computer purchase. finally, the cost of peripheral cables has ped so much in the past few years that its hard to believe this product retails for more than $20. deserves credit for selling it as inexpensively as they dotheir list price is a good $20 below most everyone elses. imho, oceanic needs to reevaluate their policy here and package this automatically with dive computers.

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