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XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks
Rating: XS-Scuba-Beefy-Polyolefin-Hot-Dive-Socks warm and perfect

The socks work perfectly. The cushion my feet, and they keep them warm, and it lets me use my full foot fins instead of my bigger heavier ones so it is much easier to tote for boat diving. Dry quickly and I. love them. Even after a heavy week of live aboard diving (5-6 dives daily), I had no rubs or rashes and they looked immaculate still. I like them so much, I bought two more pairs of my kids to use.

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Pinnacle 5mm Escape 5 Front Zip Mens Shorty Wetsuit
Rating: Pinnacle-5mm-Escape-5-Front-Zip-Mens-Shorty-Wetsuit Warm and comfortable

Bought this for extra warmth while on a live aboard in Bahamas. 4-5 dives a day can sap me. Bought my regular size but too small over top of my insulated dive skin and 3 ML suit. Extra large perfect, but likely too big to be worn alone. Really easy slipping over my 3 ml suit. Short arms, legs, and full length zipper made doffing and doning a breeze. Warm, comfortable, well made, and not restricting in the least. 22 dives it looks still brand new. Thrilled with it. Would suggest one size bigger if using over top of another suit.

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Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2
Rating: Ideations-Surface---Underwater-Air-Horn-Dive-Alert-Plus-V.2 Horn review

Works just fine. No problems at all. Puts a small bulge/loop in my air hose but does not interfere. Happy with the purchase. A breeze to install. Easy to remove too. Used it many times underwater. distinctive sound. My brother found it very useful as no one else had it, found it helpful to localize me when I used it. Hope to never have to use it above water.

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500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog Best defog by a country mile

Have you ever wondered what a country mle is? Anyway this is by far and away the best defog. It works far superior to anything else. One application is good for at least two dives and usually the whole day. I wont use anythign else.

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Sealife Spare/Replacement Battery for DC500
Rating: Sealife-Spare-Replacement-Battery Dont leave home without it

Actually this is my seond replacement. I lost the first in my move. I wouldnt go on a dive trip without an extra. Sometimes your main battery wont last much past two dives and having a charged spare makes all the difference. For the price we pay for our equipment, this is a very cheap insurance that you do not miss that manta ray picture.

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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag A must Have

This is my second backpack. It holds my fins, mask, and I can even fit in my wet suit. It is comfortable and the best product for the price. Durability is excellent. The mask compartment could be a little bigger but otherwise this is a must have. Seriously everybody needs one. I do not use my big bag anymore on boats. I use this and carry my BCD separately now. Everything else I need is in it.

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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Nice for extra warmth

This is a nice little add on vest. I do not like hoods unless I have to have one. (Occasional ear clearing problem) But for adding a little extra warmth with my 3 ml suit, it is just perfect. I sometimes just put it on dry after the first dive to warm up and leave it on for the second dive. Very comfortable.

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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Best Backpack

This is a great backpack. Yes the mask compartment could be a little bigger but that is my only minor issue. This held almost everything I needed including wetsuit. It is sturdy, very comfortable, and by far the best scuba packpack I have ever seen. I had this and carried my BCD on the boat, way nicer than my big bag. I am buying my son one too. The price cannnot be beat either.

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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Top notch above AND below water.

I ordered this without knowing much about it. I had a film point and shoot and was very disappointed with many of the pictures. I was expecting mostly to have ( I hoped ) a good underwater camera. What I received was a great underwater camera that also takes great land pictures. It is really easy to use and with all of the various settings like sunset, panorama, splash, etc it can take a huge variety of shots. Underwater it is extremely user friendly. I received it only a few days before my trip to the Bahamas so I had very little time to acquaint myself with it. Even so, many of my shots look like a pro took them even if I do say so myself. I bought a Pro set and added my own lens dock and wide angle lens to it. The flash is very maneuverable. I bought a 256 meg card with it without knowing what I would need. I think a 1 gig card would have been better. Still it was more than big enough to capture 6 dives plus lots of topside shots, but not in full size AND quality so I would definitely recommend a bigger card. I did order a second battery as even fully charged, it lasts for not much more than 2 dives, with also some land shots and the reviewing afterwards. If you were going to use it on multiple dives, a second charged battery would probably be necessary. The wide angle attaches easily and is so convenient with its own dock. The camera is so light weight and easy to use, I even used it snorkelling. It is posiviely bouyant with the flash but not by much. The BIG screen makes it really easy to see what you have just shot and it is so easy to adjust underwater or above. I had no backscatter problem at all. It might be hard to use if one had heavy gloves on in cold water but in warm water it is a breeze. The optical zoom works great, the digital zoom is a bit too grainy to use much. The sunset mode takes AMAZING shots. I almost bought a land digital camera a few months ago. I am SOOO glad I did not. This really is great. My kids like to use it much more than their own land cameras ( which is saying a lot ). I just wish that I had had this for my other trips. Considering the amount I invest in a trip, this dual purpose camera is more than worth every penny. Seriously, if you do not have a great land digital camera, just buy this one, even if you dont do much dive photography. If you do dive, trust me, you will not regret getting it. Get the external flash though I must admit, I did not use it without the external flash so I do not know how it performs underwater by itself. I have great shots of a sea turtle, sharks, wrecks, groupers, rays, "pacific" lion fish, coral, moray eels, rays, you name it. All those things that make a dive memorable are so easily captured. Do NOT leave home without it.

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