Scuba Gear Reviews by David Robenalt

Oceanic Veo 1.0 Air / Nitrox 2-Gauge Computer Console
Rating: Oceanic-Veo-1.0-Air---Nitrox-2-Gauge-Computer--Console Best "Average Joe" Nitrox Computer

If you are the kind of NITROX diver that wants to enjoy your dives to the max, and hates messing with all your gear before, during, and after..... this computer is for you! I work in a very high tech environment everyday, and have owned 3 dive computers before this one. If you are just going to dive air, they all are fairly easy to use just leave on default settings, but switch to NITROX and most of these are way more computer than what most sport divers need or want and almost impossible to program and reset for each dive. The Oceanic Veo 1.0Air/Nitrox gives you just enough flexability, but makes settings and repetitive dives almost effortless. Nitrox settings can be set for your first dive and will not change unless you need to change them for repetitive dives. I ordered mine with the pressure gauge console and the disconnect. I have had a wrist type before, but like being able to check air pressure and computer information together on the same hose line. Highly recommended for the "Average Joe Nitrox Diver"

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Henderson 17oz Superior Polyolefin Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-17oz-Superior-Polyolefin-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit GREAT WARM WATER COMFORT!

This is the SECOND time I have purchased this Jumpsuit. We dive mostly in the Turks & Caicos and I wore out my first one after years of diving. My wife and 2 daughters all own one of these for diving and love the fact that they add just enough warmth for multiple dives, but dont add buoyancy like a neopreme suit. Easy to get in and out of, drys quickly, and top quality construction. When all four of us are on the boat at the same time wearing these, our dive guides call us the "INCREDIBLES" ! David Robenalt

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Aeris Velocity Full Foot Dive Fins
Rating: Aeris-Velocity-Full-Foot-Dive-Fins High Performance - Low Priced Fins

I bought a pair of these to use on a cruise we took. I normally use a pair of jetfin style fins when taking a diving trip, but needed to keep the luggage lite. I accually bought my daughter a pair of these 2 years ago and she uses them for scuba diving trips. They are lite weight, give you enough power for snorkeling or scuba diving and the foot pocket is very flexable and feels good on your foot without having to wear extra socks or boots. Great fin for the money!

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