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Mares Sten Mini Rigged Speargun..
Rating: Mares-Sten-Mini-Rigged-Speargun.. mini spear guns

prior to purchasing these spear guns i read the reviews and almost decided against said they were difficult to assemble...i am glad i decided to buy them... wasnt that difficult...the holster that straps to your leg allows both hands to be free until you spot your prey... they are very accurate and easy to re-load...everyone @ was very courtious and helpful....i will definitly use your web site for my future purchases...thanks guys

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Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage
Rating: Ocean-Reef-Neptune-Space-Full-Face-Mask-with-2nd-Stage full face mask

i was very exicited and aprehensive about using the full face mask for the first time with my new third lung but after one minute i was very comfortable...small leaking problem but i could cure that if i would shave my beard everyones @ was very courteous and helpful... thank you guys and i will be buying more equipment from you.

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Brownies Third Lung Hookah.
Rating: Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah. third lung

i am completely satisfied with my new purchase...i had three divers down at the same time while searching for artifacts in a local riverand ALL equipment operated absolutely looking forward to using this equipment in the gulf of mexico...all personel from that i dealt with were both courtious and helpful...thank you guys and i will buy from you again...

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