Scuba Gear Reviews by Wladislaw Gamberger

Rating: Flathead VI/ZX Regulator Easy Breather. 7/16/2007

Chose this regulator based on my previous experience with other Zeagle products and the Scuba Diving magazine reviews. I mainly spearfish so I find myself in different attitudes and air demand situations thoughout the dive. I dive in the NW Florida area and my dives depths are normally between 70 and 130 feet. So far, the Zeagle Flathead VI/ZX regulator has performed flawlessly.

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Apollo Bio-Tank Lock 2
Rating: Apollo-Bio-Tank-Lock Works as advertised. 7/15/2007

Easy to adjust and keeps both my tank and pony bracket secured with ONE strap.

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch Great Product 7/15/2007

Completely satisfied with product, I purchased 2 bags each of the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lb bags. Bags are large enough to hold the specified weight of lead shot and feature a double Velcro closure system which prevents lead shot from falling out.

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