Scuba Gear Reviews by Matthew W.

Seavision 2000 Max Vision Mask
Rating: Seavision-2000-Max-Vision-Scuba-Dive-Mask I love it! 06/26/2007

I love this mask. I honestly bought it on a whim. I have another mask that Ive used for years and I like it but now I dont even take it out of the closet most of the time. The seavision is a great fit. Its the first mask Ive ever bought without trying it on first to test the suction and comfort level and all. I bought it thinking I would most likely return it. It turns out that its my favorite mask now. Clear lenses. Snug but comfortable fit. WHats not ta like??

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Pinnacle 5mm Neo Titanium Velcro Gloves
Rating: Pinnacle-5mm-Neo-Titanium-Velcro-Gloves sweeeeeeeet! 06/26/2007

I love em! Theyre comfortable and functional too. If youve ever forgotten your gloves on a cold water dive you will appreciate the neccesity of a good pair of gloves. These are perfect for those cold dives.

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XS Scuba Sedona Dry Snorkel
Rating: XS-Scuba-Sedona-Dry-Snorkel Great! 06/26/2007

This is my first dry snorkel. I love it. I wish that I would have gotten one of these long ago. Its comfortable, functional, and it even looks cool. Im stoked!

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Deep See 5mm Atlantic Medium Sole Zipper Dive Boots
Rating: Deep-See-5mm-Atlantic-Medium-Sole-Zipper-Dive-Boots Perfect 06/26/2007

I love these boots. They fit perfectly and are great in the water. They are seriously comfortable and sturdy too. I almost want to wear them everyday!

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