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Rating: WETSUIT HANGER great deal 6/11/2007

This is a great wet suit. I love the reinforced knee pads. The back zip is long enough to make putting it on and taking it off easy enough to do with out assistance. Great deal, especailly for the money. Where else can you find a quality wetsuit for so little?

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Underwater Kinetics BCD / Regulator Hanger
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-BCD---Regulator-Hanger no more falling off!!!! 6/11/2007

BC manufacturers recommed storing your BC many of us have tired to only have the BC fall off if you touch it wrong? These hangers are great. They have the nice turned up edges to securely hold your BC on and a place to store your regulator too...finally all of my gear has a proper place.

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Trident Marking Pen
Rating: Trident-Marking-Pen going on vacation? 6/11/2007

This pen is perfect for anybody who dives. How many times have you noticed somebody else with a piece of equipment that looks just like yours? Use this pen to mark all of your gear. Its a great thing for dive lights and mask - usually get tossed in one big rinse tank on the boat. Dries quickly and comes in a variety of colors.

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Underwater Kinetics Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Wetsuit-Hanger iron clad hanger 6/11/2007

finally a hanger strong engouh to hold a wet suit (mine is holding a 5mm farmer john). i was tired of regular hangers, even hangers that claimed to be "strong" sagging from the weight. the different colors are great now my husband i can tell our wetsuits apart at a glance.

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