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Rating: Well Designed, Well Built, Easy to Use, Shockingly Good!

The peace of mind this product provides is priceless for any vacation anywhere there is salt in the warm water. My wife would not let me do anything in Hawaii without this on my leg. A woman was bitten by a tiger shark just before our vacation and this is the only way I could salvage my trip! To be honest, it gave me great peace of mind as well. Hawaii is not the best snorkeling place by any means but I love the water so no choice. After spending a few thousand on hotels and airfare this was cheap insurance. The battery caused almost no drag and its weight was counterbalanced by the neoprene velcro case. You can test it in the water or by placing the electrode in a pail of salt water and sticking your hand in. You get a rather strong shock, most unpleasant but not harmful. I wore a complete neoprene jumpsuit in the water so that the electric field would be stronger and extend enough to be able to cover my wife as well when she was in the water with me. Put your mind at ease, it is extremely well designed and well built. A product that has obviously been worked on and tested for a long time. I had absolutely no problem using my split fins. Will never dive or snorkel without it again. I emailed the manufacturer and the owner and designer actually replied and explained its features and benefits and how his four girls use these in Australia. Heck, it costs as much as a good bcd and should be in everyones pack. They do sell a special scuba model but that one cannot be used for snorkeling. So this is the best of both worlds. shipped this FEDEX without extra charge - thanks! A+++++ for the shark shield.

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Rating: Warm, Comfortable, Well Built, Good Seals, Super for Hawaii or any other Warm Waters. A+++++

Dont get a shortie. Get this jumpsuit. It was very stretchy, you forget you have it on. Easy to put on and the usual slight difficulty peeling it off when wet. Dries in a few hours. The comfort of this suit is fantastic. It is well stitched and showed very little sign of wear after two weeks snorkeling in Maui. The collar seals well and is comfortable. I had a small loose "pocket" in the suit at the base of my back but it never bothered me at all once I was swimming, never got a cold rush at all. Water in Maui is colder than in the Caribbean. Dont imagine that a t-shirt is sufficient if you want to do REAL snorkeling. It is also very bouyant, you can just float and watch fish or turtles without any effort. That gives it a high safety factor in waters with currents. Needless drownings occur in Maui every year because of currents - protect yourself with this suit. The color is nice and does not bring the negative attention that silver suits do. I have never tried the very expensive suits but after wearing this I will never need to. It is reasonably priced, seals well in the collar, arms and legs, is well designed and stitched, stretchy, very comfortable, warm and bouyant. It also has very good knee pads to prevent injury. This suit is perfect for warm water snorkeling or diving. I had a shorty before when I went to Bonaire, Bahamas and Maui and trust me, this jumpsuit is far superior and gives far better service. I dont have a problem with pride or trying to look cool like some do with shorties or lycra suits with cool designs - when I do water sports I want comfort and safety and this suit delivers. Get it. Dont think about it, get it.

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Scubamax Weight Belt
Rating: Scubamax-Weight-Belt Good belt, good zipper

Good belt, strong pockets and zipper. will last for years.

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Scubamax Weight Belt
Rating: Scubamax-Weight-Belt Not waterproof but nice anyway

Unlike the ad, water DOES get into these snorkels - many times in the kind of light waves in Maui - 8 to 12 inch waves. They are however easy to clear and do prevent major swallowing of water that old style snorkels would allow. Not a bad buy for that reason alone. Saved me a couple of times when I had equipment problems and looked down into the water while trying to breath reflexively. Other dry snorkels appear to offer the same benefits so Im not convinced the higher price of this snorkel is worth it if the others prevent snorkels from flooding as well. If you do buy this I doubt you will ever find a way to flood the snorkel which I think is absolutely necessary not only to prevent a bad experience but for safety as well.

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Scubamax Weight Belt
Rating: Scubamax-Weight-Belt No pain low cramp hi power snorkeling flippers

I snorkeled in Maui with these off shore and off boats. The first day I had mild cramping in my foot and no cramps in my calf. The next snorkeling days were uneventful - no pain and no cramps. This is in contrast to my previous ordinary fins that always caused cramps particularly in one of my feet. Propulsion is superior to ordinary fins - I have no doubt in my mind. On a visit to Turtle Town I had to flipper against a current and found it tough going. I had a snorkeling air vest, so turned over on my back and flippered backwards and just motored along effortlessly against the current. Excellent design. I watched the flipper action in the water, it is rigid on the power stroke and the middle slightly folds on the down stroke allowing lower resistance - however still providing power. The slipper part was very soft, no need for flipper socks at all. Get these fins for whatever snorkeling you do. Superior in comfort, power and weight. Super deal - the dive crew on the boats were all agog. Wake up Hawaii!

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