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Rating: What size I recommend 06/07/2007

I weigh just over 110lbs and have a small face and small mouth, so I ordered the mini mouth piece. After trying both the mini and the regular Ultra Dry, the regular actually fits me better, so I would recommend the mini just for children, and not petite adults. (Otherwise, it is the best snorkel ever - 5 stars!)

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel The Best Snorkel Ive tried ! 06/07/2007

My husband and I love this snorkel! * The wave deflector does work to decrease the amout of water that may enter from a splash. And the water that does enter from a splash is quickly wisked away by the purge valve at the bottom - so no worries! * The water tight valve at the top is practically fail-safe. No matter how fast or slow I submerge, or at what angle, the valve snaps shut with no water entry. * Compared to the other valves on other snorkles, the Ultra Dry is the best. Its smaller, so its not bulky and doesnt add weight to the snorkel. * With other snorkel valves, they may accidently snap shut when taking a large gasp of air due to pressure changes - but not the Ultra Dry! Even quickly rising out of the water for a huge breath of air, the Ultra Dry stays shut until the last minute and quickly opens when you need it. * The only way I was able to get water into this snorkel was by swimming upside down, then exhaling under water, then quickly inhaling. And if thats the way you free dive and snorkel - youve got bigger problems!

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel The Best Knife 06/07/2007

everything about this knife is top-notch. i have small hands and thus have some difficulty releasing knives from their holders, but not this one. it stays in the holder securly, easily releases with one finger, and allows you to quickly grab the handle of the knife so theres no fear of ping it. the rust resistant titanium blade is a great feature. and even better, there isnt a single shiny spot on the knife, so feel free to immerse yourself among eels and barracudas!

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