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Rating: BC Knife Whats a dive beacon and why do I need one???? 6/24/2007

We were going on our first liveaboard dive boat and from what we read we needed these beacons for the night dives. While we had been on a couple of night dives we thought we had all the lights we needed, so I was skeptical about why we needed them. As it turns out they were very inexpensive, took up very little room, and were very, very helpful. In the ocean, viz was good sometimes and at others, not so good. These little lights would last forever on two triple A batteries and they helped us so much to keep up with all the other divers and know where they were at all times. The dive Master told us if anything happend and we surface, they could see our light for a long distance so they could come ane get us. I would recomend having one of these.

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Scuba BC Knife
Rating: Scuba-BC-Dive-Knife Perfectly honest 5/23/2007

This is a great little knife, and is a very good deal for what I paid for it, however I didnt like the fact that it had written all over the sheath. Id rather it didnt have advertismint all over it. Otherwise its great!!

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