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XS Scuba Low Pressure Twin Cylinder Package - International Valves
Rating: XS-Scuba-Low-Pressure-Twin-Scuba-Cylinder-Package---International-Valves Great Set of Doubles 3/12/2009

I ordered the 85cu 300 bar din tanks. They were shipped in 3 boxes and arrived quickly. The valves are very smooth to operate. I removed the tank boots, and the tank heights match up nicely. They are a great set of doubles that trim out very well.

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Sherwood Wrist Mount Slimline Gauge/Computer Boot
Rating: Sherwood-Wrist-Mount-Slimline-Dive-Gauge-Computer-Boot Great Product 2/16/2009

I ordered this for my Genesis Resource Pro and it fits perfectly. Couldnt ask for a better wrist mount.

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XS Scuba Drysuit/Wetsuit Pocket
Rating: XS-Scuba-Drysuit-Wetsuit-Pocket Great Pocket 2/16/2009

These pockets are the perfecet size for a back up mask and wet notes or SMB and finger spool.

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Oceanic Shadow Frameless Mask
Rating: Oceanic-Shadow-Frameless-Mask Great Mask 12/7/2008

I bought this for my Intro to Tech class. Its a great mask! Low profile, great field of view, and seals very well. I got the black one to reduce glare.

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