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Rating: BC Knife Great product for cold water diving 9/7/2008

The Henderson Ice Cap is a must have for cold water diving. Such a small piece of equipment makes such a difference when added to a thick hood. This product eliminates the "ice cream headache" often associated with cold water diving. I suggest modifying the mouth area prior to diving to facilitate regulator remove and replace. The downside of this product is durability. Due to the thin material and the stresses placed upon it, they only last about 1 year of regular diving.

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Scuba BC Knife
Rating: Scuba-BC-Dive-Knife Scuba BC Knife 5/13/2007

I purchased several of these knives due to the discounted rate. I have not completed a dive with the knives yet, but I am concerned about the plastic piece on the knife, which makes contact and keeps the knife in the sheath. The plastic piece should be raised more, to allow the knife to stay in the sheath better. Just moving the equipment around, allowed the knife to come out of the sheath. If the plastic piece was raised more, it would still be able to come out of the sheath with ease, yet keep it secured until needed. Thank you

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