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Rating: Original Snappy Coil Lanyard Excellent gloves, best Ive ever had 11/9/2009

I do multiple training dives the the course of the day, with not enough surface interval for the gloves to fully dry. Even when wet the are easy to get into. Also they are extremely warm. In cases where in the past Ive worn 5mm gloves, I find that these 3mm keep me just as warm.

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Innovative Double Hose Retainer Clip
Rating: Innovative-Double-Hose-Retainer-Clip Great versatility 2/17/2009

I keep a half a dozen of these clips in my kit. As a DM, I get asked for "spare" equipment all the time. These clips are so versatile, ive used them as octo holders or just basic streamlining. Great to have in your kit.

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Trident Silicone Pump Spray
Rating: Trident-Silicone-Pump-Spray Stops staining and rust 2/17/2009

Stainless steel will stain! I use this spray on all my shears and knives and it keeps them working properly and rust free.

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Innovative Original Snappy Coil Lanyard
Rating: Innovative-Original-Snappy-Coil-Divers-Lanyard coil lanyard 5/13/2007

This coil is very reliable and durable. Ive tried different methods of "keeping" my heavy light, but this works best. Ive had no problems, and would purchase it again.

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