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Bare Quick Clamps
Rating: Bare-Quick-Clamps Clamps for dry gloves 5/18/2007

These are the clamping rings for the typical "blue gloves" that most people use when they go dry. The inner rings slip down your sleeve, and rest inside your cuff. The outer black ring slides on and clamps the wrist seal between them. Make sure to use the right inner ring size, or they wont stay clamped together. Good, solid product- I expect them to outlast the drysuit by far.

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Bare Dry Glove System
Rating: Bare-Dry-Glove-System Works great 5/18/2007

These are the typical "blue gloves" that most people use when they go dry. They are tough enough to hold up under normal diving, but Ive heard of people holing them on wrecks and such. They make reinforced gloves for those areas. The glove liners are nice, but the wrist cuffs are longer than needed, so may need to be cut down, or folded over at least. Good product- dont forget the quick clamps if you are adding dry gloves on to a drysuit that does not have the rings already.

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