Scuba Gear Reviews by Michael L.

Sherwood Sabre Semi-Dry Snorkel
Rating: Sherwood-Sabre-Semi-Dry-Snorkel Perhaps this should be a semi-wet snorkel 6/5/2009

The operative word in the description of this snorkel is SEMI-DRY. It was necessary to be very tentative when breathing as there was always a likelihood that you would inhale water, even after an aggressive purge when returning to the surface. I was not impressed with this snorkel at all, and it probably wont get much use. The caveat is true: you get what you pay for.

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500psi Wetsuit / BC Wash - Shampoo with Conditioner Cleaner
Rating: 500psi-Wetsuit---BC-Wash---Shampoo-with-Conditioner-Cleaner Wetsuit wash 6/11/2007

Very pleased with the quality of this product. It also removed the smell from my booties with just a short soak.

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