Scuba Gear Reviews by Ryan Arthur

Rating: Not exactly as advertised

I purchased a pair of these with 2 pairs of the Neo Mask goggles. They are advertised as being usable for snorkelling, surfing and swimming, however there are some drawbacks. There is no nose piece for snorkelling, and unless Im out of practice, not breathing through the nose is tough even with nose plugs. :) When surfing they cut off my vision to either side, perhaps if the white piece was transparent / translucent that would be better. After fiddling and configuring / reconfiguring the strap band to get a good seal, I realized that it is a lot harder to purge the water from the goggles without taking them off. Above all, they didnt sit properly on my head no matter how much I toyed with the straps, it felt a bit narrow and you wont need anti-fog treatment unless someone can breathe with their eyes. :-) I guess Im just not ready for Italian styled "cyborg" goggles as a pair of $4 goggles from Mexico proved to be of more value when swimming and surfing.

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XS Scuba Comfort Cushion Rubber Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: XS-Scuba-Comfort-Cushion-Rubber-Regulator-Mouthpiece Perfect upgrade

You might be thinking, I dont need an additional mouth piece when my snorkelling tube comes with one? Well this is for those times when you need a better grip on keeping the water from breaking the seal around your lips. Perhaps like me, you saw your first baracuda, jellyfish (watch out for the blue ones), submerged ruins, or downed airplane (there is one in Cozumel) in shallow water (about 20-25ft) and went to tell your friends about it, immediately breaking the seal. This product stops that from happening, while providing a very relaxed and comfortable fit. The sore jaw created from previous mouth pieces that required a near perfect seal is gone. This item goes great with the oceanic ultra dry snorkel!

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Absolutely the best!

Ive tried many snorkels before, and this one is hands down the best. I used it on a recent trip to Mexico and it allowed me to effortlessly dive down 15ft, surface and it was perfectly dry without the need to remove my head from under the water. Amazingly brilliant and truly a must have for any snorkeler, even if youre just starting out. Who wants to be choking on sea water while exploring its depths or worrying about purging. In the chance that you get water in your mouth, it is not from the snorkelling tube but because of the seal created when you wrap your lips around the mouth peice. This can happen if you have a larger mouth, and youll want to get a larger gripper than sits better.

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