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Scuba Gear Reviews by Carl C Ibsen

XS Scuba 7.25 Round Tank Boot for Aluminum 63s & 80s
Rating: XS-Scuba-7.25-Round-Tank-Boot-for-Aluminum-63s---80s XS Tank Boots 11/28/2011

Tank boots appear to be excellent quality. I prefer the round as they fit tanks together better. Rated 4. Durability will only be told with time so unable to give 5 since I do not know, yet, the longevity/durability.

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Lubrication Technology Christo-Lube Oxygen Grease
Rating: Lubrication-Technology-Christo-Lube-Oxygen-Grease Should be in every divers kit 11/15/2008

Very useful when changing fittings and hose o-rings, such as when you switch gauges or dry suit hoses between regulators. Proper lubrication and oxygen compatible for virtually any part of your kit that needs lubrication. It seems a bit pricey but you get what you pay for, and it is worth it. CC Ibsen

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Dive Optics Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks
Rating: Dive-Optics-Stick-On-Optic-Lenses-for-Scuba-Dive-Masks Great For Reading Gauges 11/15/2008

trident dive optx lenses are just what is needed for accurate reading of submersible gauges, underwater compass, small numbers and settings on our underwater cameras and anything else that one might choose to read, underwater. they are easy to apply and use. i have sets in each of my masks. these lenses are especially helpful for those of us who are a bit older and living with the inevitable changes in vision. i have sets of +1.75 and +2.00, which i interchange depending on what i am doing. how do you the correct strength? the primary issue to consider is the distance that you will be reading the gauge at. the higher the diopter number, the closer you will need to hold the viewed item to see the small details clearly. a good way to guesstimate what diopter you need, at least for me, was to try a set of the small reading glasses you find near check out counters in virtually every store. find the power that allows you to see the detail/small numbers that you want to see at the distance you would be viewing underwater and that is likely to be the lens strength you need. if your gauges are on your wrist, pick a strength that allows you to see your watch clearly when held at the distance it would be from your eyes, when you are underwater. if your gauges are on a hose or tether, pick a strength that allows you to see them clearly at the distance you use them. a great product and much cheaper than prescription ground mask lenses. the installation is easy and they are removable so you can switch them between masks, although i find it much simpler to have a set in each of my masks, including my oceanreef ffm. cc ibsen

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