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Innovative Regulator Hose To P.I. Quick Disconnect
Rating: Innovative-Regulator-Hose-To-P.I.-Quick-Disconnect If you use different BCs...

I have several BCs. Some with standard inflators and some with Atomic SS1 inflators or Scubapro Air2s. Rather than changing the entire inflator hose, or carrying around multiple inflator hoses, I use these inflator adapters. Get a 22" standard 2nd stage regulator hose and the standard adapter P/N HO-0103 and others like Oceanic adapter P/N RA-12, Seaquest adapter P/N A138 or the AirII (SS1) adapter P/N RA-11. Keep the adapter in a box or bag and change the adapter at the end of the hose instead of the whole hose. This is also good for rental equipment. Keep a supply of adapters and install the one your customer needs.

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Sherwood Wisdom Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: Sherwood-Wisdom-Regulator-Mouthpiece Extended bite wing mouthpiece means less jaw fatigue

I buy these Sherwood Wisdom Mouthpieces because they have an extended bite wing. I dive freqently and get jaw fatigue and TMJ from normal mouthpieces. The extended bite wing on these mouthpieces mean you dont have to bite as hard to hold the regulator in your mouth. If you have this problem, and dont want to buy a Sea Cure mouthpiece because it is too expensive, or you need a mouthpiece that fits more than 1 person, these are the best bet. Note: this mouthpiece has a "top" and "bottom". If you have an underbite, you will want to install the mouthpiece upside-down.

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