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This Octo has everything you could ever need for a value price. The 180 degree swivel is a must have. If you have ever had to use one that didnt swivel, you will appreciate this regulator and your dive buddy will also if ever needed. No free flow seen. I was worried the flat design would weaken the regulator....It has not. The regulator is solid without the drag of full sized octos. Hose is durable as well. No worries with this product, you will be H A PP Y!

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I bought everything from and this was my strongest decision. 2nd stage is lite and well designed. Easy to breath, especially since you can adjust. This is my first regulator that is diver adjustable and didnt understand fully the adjustment, but once I got in the water it was clear and easy to move the knob and make the regulator match what I liked. You dont have to be an expert diver to take advantage of this adjustable 2nd stage. Hoses are durable. 1st Stage has just the right amount of accessories without spending money on features you dont need. This product is 10 stars!!!

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Rating: Great Product

For basic gloves these are great. Well made. True to size. I bought these for OW and they work great. Now that I am diving, if I had gotten a little thicker pair, I would have saved $ in the long run. As I now have two pair of gloves because of needing a little more warmth. Not a bad product, just lack of knowledge on my part. Look at 2MM Gloves and you might save $ in the long run. If you truly need golves with NO insulating power, these are great.

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Rating: So So

I purchased everything from and this was my weakest pruchase. The fins bend too easy. In my OW class, I often found myself standing with the front of the fin bent under my foot. No one else in class has this happen with their fins. I am a fast swimmer, but can be easily out swimmed in these fins. The fins showed a lot of wear just from the pool bottom compared to others in the class. I bought these for the savings, but less than 8 weeks later, I am considering upgrading. It is hard to stomach when you are just starting out to spend more on fins, but my advise is to spend the money and get stronger fins. If you are looking for value fins that function fair and are easy to push with low effort, then these are ok. The buckles are stong and the strap is well made. No quality issues, just not to my taste.

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XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt
Rating: XS-Scuba-Cordura-Weight-Belt GOOD VALUE

Great belt. I used it in OW classes, then retired it as I bought an intergrated weight BC. Friend borrowed it that wears a 48" waist and it fit fine. I wear a 38" waist and it worked equally well. Made great. Buckle is secure, but easy to remove for weight removal in class. Pockets easily hold my 4lb soft weights without issue. Velcro closing the pockets is strong. Belt will be stiff for first few dives, then get better. No worries with this product. If I knew I was going to buy an intergrated weight BC that soon, I could have bought just a belt and solid weights and saved some money. However, with he quality of this belt, resaling it will not be an issue. If you plan to use a belt long term, this one should hold up for years. Purchase with no worries.

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XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel
Rating: XS-Scuba-Sedona-Elite-Dry-Snorkel Good Trade Off

My instructor in OW stated snorkel needs to be good, but realize you will not use it except only a few minutes each dive, unless you are going to snorkel routinely. He was right. This snorkel meets the basic needs at a value. Breaths fairly dry and is satisfactory. Easy to clear. I didnt like the retainer to the mask, so bought another one with velco so that while off the surface I could put the snorkel in a pocket out of the way. Of course, due to size sticks out of the pocket. If I had it to do again, I would buy a snorkel designed to be stored in a pocket during diving. But if value to performance is what you are looking for, you will be satisfied. I gave 4 stars because the retainer is weak, but the snorkel is 5 stars.

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XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel
Rating: XS-Scuba-Sedona-Elite-Dry-Snorkel Great Choice

In boots, correct sizing is very important. I wear a size 13 sports shoe and the size 12 boot fits great with just the right amount of room in the toes. I have to walk on gravel regularly and the bottoms of these shoes are just the right thickness, without the weight of other boots. I dove in 68 degree water several times and my toes never got cold. The size is written outside on the bottom making it easy to identify yours against others sitting on the table. I have larger ankles and the tops are snug, but comfortable. I think you will like this purchase and the few dollars you will save.

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XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel
Rating: XS-Scuba-Sedona-Elite-Dry-Snorkel Saved Over $ 50.00 and H A PP Y!

Others in my dive class bought bags from LDS that were over $ 50.00 more. This bag has all the same features for a much better value. Side zipper makes it easy to reach to the bottom. Zipper seems strong. I dont see a weakness and it is holding up great. Padding on the shoulder straps is well placed. Advise: Dont buy any bag without shoulder straps! Draw string opening is plenty big enough to put in your BC. Well designed and plenty strong. Added note, the outside pocket is large enough so if you want to get your initials embroidered on the outside locally, you can do this to single your bag out. You will love this bag!

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XS Scuba Fusion Mask
Rating: XS-Scuba-Fusion-Mask Good value

I am 6 2" and weigh 210 lbs. This mask fits well and holds its form under water well. Provides much better field of view than standard masks. Value for the money is very good. Easy to clear with very little effort. Strap seems a little weak, so would recommend having a backup if it will experience heavy use. When it arrives you will have to clean several times to get antifog (I use toothpaste and let it dry on there several times). Works well now. Happy Diving

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