Scuba Gear Reviews by Chris R.

XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt
Rating: XS-Scuba-Cordura-Weight-Belt I Recommend

The belt is very comfortable. I was a tempted to buy the cheaper $15 belt, but figured I would have it a while and spent the extra money. Im glad I did. Its well constructed, easily adjusted, and comfortable. I used it for skin diving, so it sat on my bare skin and it didnt chafe me at all. I would suggest cutting it to size as there is a lot of extra strap left on it. Youll be swimming with a tail. I highly recommend this belt.

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XS Scuba Sedona Dry Snorkel
Rating: XS-Scuba-Sedona-Dry-Snorkel Works Like a Charm

My wife raved about the snorkel. Easy to clear if you did get some H2O in there, but for the most part, stayed dry for her all week in Aruba. Her only complaint was that every now and again, the baffle would stick just slightly. All she had to do was move her head a bit and it would open. It didnt happen all the time. She said it really didnt impede her swimming. I recommend highly. Great product, great price.

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