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Oceanic Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot
Rating: Oceanic-Swiv-Compass-Clip-Mount-Boot Secure & Perfect Fit 08/11/2008

This clip mount boot works perfectly for my Aeris compass module. It was somewhat of a challenge to install: it takes strong fingers and pinched my fingers a couple of times. Once in place, the compass and boot work as one: a secure and perfect fit.

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Oceanic Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot
Rating: Oceanic-Swiv-Compass-Clip-Mount-Boot Good Product w/Narrower Opening 08/11/2008

this dry bag works well and is a good size for a few books and a towel or for a change of clothes. its transparency lets you see whats inside. plastic snaps and ring provide multiple attachment options. actual measurements: 13.5" tall 13" wide 3.5" thick at the bottom, narrowing to 0" thick at the top. the opening of the bag is about 10" wide whereas the width of the bag measures 13" the opening is on one side of the bag, 1.5" down from the top. this was a surprise to me as i was counting on a full width opening on the top however, as long as i put my books and other items into the dry bag narrow end first, it works fine. the top of the bag doesnt roll down quite like other dry bags. the bag seals mostly by means of velro and a vinyl on vinyl flap. you can roll down the top, but i dont think its meant to work that way. nevertheless, the bag seals pretty well against big splashes. i havent tried submerging the bag and would want to perform a bathtub test before counting on the bag to stay dry inside when submerged.

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Akona Mini Retractor
Rating: Akona-Mini-Retractor Great Little Retractor 08/11/2008

Based on a week of diving, I really like this retractor. I used it to attach a compass to my BC. The amount of spring force is good for me: powerful enough to bring the compass back, but low enough so that I can hold the compass out in front of me for an extended period. The length of the retractor cable is pretty good, although it would have been better if it extended a few inches more for my long arms (36" sleeve). I also like the retractor because it was one of the most, if not the most compact retractor available. Im considering buying another...

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Cressi Nose Clip
Rating: Cressi-Nose-Clip Firm & Effective 03/10/2007

The Cressi-Sub nose clip stays firmly in place while swimming. Water is kept out with no leaks. Despite the firm grip, the pads on the clip keep it fairly comfortable. The size of the clip allows it to accommodate from medium to fairly large noses. It would also work with small noses, but might be too big for very small noses.

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