Scuba Gear Reviews by Karl von Valtier

Rating: marginally useful, and not real intuitive

Good review information for someone like me who hasnt dove in many years, but the layout of the book is rather counter-intuitive how it jumps around. I also found it to be a little too abbreviated - I prefer more in-depth coverage of the material.

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Rating: Excellent performance

i had read other reports of this housing leaking and damaging cameras, but i didnt have that experience. had it down to 90 feet, and it didnt leak so much as a . the feel of the external controls was great, i didnt have any trouble at all manipulating the camera underwater. the pictures turned out great. had some pictures that turned out so good im looking forward to getting a little more serious and upgrading my equipment. this will include an external strobe. still undecided about how necessary the diffusion plate is - i didnt take any shots using the macro lense, but with the primary diffusion plate built into the housing (in addition to the removable plate), i have to believe that only the most close up and intimate pictures - maybe 6 inches or less - would require that plate. so for my purposes, the secondary plate was left hanging by the cord for most of the time, and just got in the way.

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