Scuba Gear Reviews by Justin Stuart

Rating: Great light 02/26/2007

I recently completed my Advanced O/W night dive and this was the light I used. it is a great light. such a nice, bright, white light. all 3 instructors with my group had this same light and 2 students had it too! everyone loves this light and for good reason. i also purchased the lantern grip with makes for a very relaxed hand gripping on the light. very highly recommended. its worth the buck for the bang you get from this light.

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Rating: Amazing gloves! 02/26/2007

I own the 5mm gloves and these things are magical! The ads dont lie: these gloves seal out water like its nobodys business. they are great. the flip side to that is they are the devil to put on and get off. but its worth it for warm fingers. highly recommend. once you get used to them, you learn how to manage putting them on or off, so it doesnt really cause a big deal. and they dry fast! plus the 5mm allow for quite alot of dexterity considering the thickness.

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Henderson Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks
Rating: Henderson-Polyolefin-Hot-Dive-Socks Hot Hot Hot 02/26/2007

These socks are pretty nice. they keep your feet a bit warmer when worn under booties. i wear mine under 7mm. but big warning: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! i have a size 11 foot and i can BARELY squeeze into these socks comfortably. if you have a bigger foot you probably wont fit. but no worries, is fantastic on returns!

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Henderson 17oz Superior Polyolefin Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-17oz-Superior-Polyolefin-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Very nice suit 02/26/2007

I really like my polyolefin jumpsuit. I wear it underneath my 7mm wetsuit and it definitely adds a level of insulation but also makes donning and doffing the wetsuit much easier, even when wet. and on days that are very warm, you can just wear the jumpsuit for skin protection. highly recommend this product for use as separate layer or as another layer of insulation under your current suit.

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