Scuba Gear Reviews by Chuck Murgia

Scubamax Stainless Steel Knife Scissors
Rating: Scubamax-Stainless-Steel-Knife-Scissors Great Scuba scissors

The Scuba shears are really nice and I stow them in my scuba travel bag which goes on every dive. Comes in handy not only in diving, but pre-dive things... like opening the plastic casing for a set of duracell batteries. Never realized how handy having a set of scissors with me on the boat would come.

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XS Scuba Tank Pressure Checker
Rating: XS-Scuba-Tank-Pressure-Checker Tank Pressure Checker - dissapointed

I was eager to receive my first scuba tank pressure checker. Once received, I was dissapointed that it didnt match the picture as advertised on the web site. In particular, it didnt have the push button valve to allow the tool to read the pressure. In stead it had a collar type valve... which works... but is not what I was wanting.

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