Scuba Gear Reviews by Jung K.

500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog Seeing clearly

Ive tried other defoggers for both scuba and paintball. Just a tiny amount is all it takes. 500PSI Mask Defog continues to work even after a one hour surface interval.

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Innovative Fin Spring Strap (Pair) For Scubapro Twin Jet Fins
Rating: Innovative-Fin-Spring-Strap-Pair-For-Scubapro-Twin-Jet-Fins Making diving easier

Nearly all my dives are shore dives in Monterey. So being able to slip on/off my fins while standing in the surf is a big plus. I will probably have to get one size up if I ever move to a drysuit.

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Apollo Bio-Tank Lock 2
Rating: Apollo-Bio-Tank-Lock-2 Relatively easy to use

It took a little bit of work to replace the strap on my BC, but thats going to differ from BC to BC. Once I got the lock dialed in on my tanks, it was a breeze to use. I simply make about 5-8 turns of the knob and my tank is tightly in place.

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Underwater Kinetics C4 eL.E.D. Light
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-C4-eL.E.D.-Light Simple to use light

The Kinetics C4 light was a nice, simple light to use during a recent dive trip. I didnt have to mess with any special locking system or wonder which way I could flip the switch. The light gave off sufficient light for spotting sea life and for focusing my camera.

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Oceanic Air XS II
Rating: Oceanic-Air-XS-II One less hose, but could be better

The Oceanic Air XS II works just as advertised. It was relatively easy for me to replace the inflator on my BC. My BC must have come with a slightly different hose than the Air XS was meant for. The Air XS came with a clip thats supposed to cover the hose connector, but it wont fit on my hose. The inflator and the purge valve are easy to find. But the dump button is kind of small and will take some time for me to locate without looking. I am happy with the Air XS II and very happy to get rid of one hose. Im sorry I waited so long to make the change.

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