Scuba Gear Reviews by Scott T.

Sealife Spare/Replacement Battery
Rating: Sealife-Spare-Replacement-Battery A MUST HAVE!!! 5/30/2007

This is a must have! In the past my battery would die out about 1/2 way through my second dive. This battery packs enough juice for more than three dives. I was able to take lots of pictures and video clips and the battery never even got to 1/4 left. there is nothing more frustrating than ending a dive with the best photo opportunity only to find your battery is dead. This new battery solves that problem!

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Innovative Dry Bag
Rating: Innovative-Dry-Bag just as described! 2/2/2007

works perfectly, I use it to keep rental car keys dry when shore dive.

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XS Scuba Safety Sausage (SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Safety-Sausage--SMB compact 2/2/2007

It is lightweight and compact. Attaches easily to your BC and you do not even know it is there. Great product.

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Ideations Dive Alert
Rating: Ideations-Dive-Alert WOW! 2/2/2007

I found the Dive Alert to be a great purchase. It is one of those things that you hope you will never have to use but is comforting to know you have it. It is extremely loud so do not point is at anyone when you activate it.

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