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XS Scuba 7.25´´ Octagon Tank Boot for Aluminum 63´s, 80´s or 106 Hoop Wrap Tank
Rating: XS-Scuba-7.25-Octagon-Tank-Boot-for-Aluminum-63s--80s-or-106-Hoop-Wrap-Tank Tough product

These are very durable boots and protect the tank bottom as well as limit the tanks undesireable rolling while laying horizontally on a moving surface. I also own the soft rubber tank boot which does allow the tank to roll when horizontal but the soft boot is kind to gel coat boat surfaces.

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Trident Foam Tank Rack
Rating: Trident-Foam-Scuba-Tank-Rack Great stability

These racks hold and disperse the tanks weight effectively. I also own the PVC tank rack which does a good job except the black rubber rings will mark fiberglass gel coat boat decks. The Foam racks are very good at protecting the tanks and the surface area underneath. They are somewhat less durable in that they will eventually crack but are serviceable if cared for.

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IST Stainless Air Nozzle
Rating: IST-Stainless-Air-Nozzle Great design

This product is far superior to the Innovative Air Gun that I puchased at the same time. My requirement included pressurized air from two different size nozzles so I purchased both products. The materials and workmanship for the IST is superior.

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