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Rating: Uncomfortable around the neck. has a good price on this suit. However, my wife didnt like the fit around the front of her neck. She also thought that the suit was too stiff for being the thinnest availabe, 1/2 mm. She went with a competititors front-zip that was more comfortable around the neck and easier to move about in. The shape and physical fit of it was also more attractive. However, the cost was about $50 higher. Oh well, when shes happy, Im happy.

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Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-Lycra-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Henderson lycra suit kept me from burning

I used the Henderson lycra suit for snorkeling for two days in Hawaii. The suit was easy to pack, rinse, and dry. I used a ziplock bag to stow with my other gear. It gave me protection from inadvertant contact with coral and other nasties. The biggest benefit was protection from the sun. My proof of this was the sunburn I sustained on the crown of my head since my hair is thin there. Yep, it peeled. But I had no burn on my back or the backs of my legs. has a great price on this suit.

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