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Trident Dive Glo-Toob Light
Rating: Trident-Dive-Glo-Toob-Light Glo-wing with my friends

I bought the red Glo-Toob for my husband for Christmas. He had purchased a blue one at our local dive shop for one of his 2 dive buddies. They all thought they were great. I told the other guys wife, "you better buy him the yellow one or hes gonna get jealous". She did. So on Christmas morning all the buds now have a Glo-Toob in yellow/red/blue and night diving is made easier. It took a bit of messing with to get his on the pulse that he wanted. But I learned years ago that you dont tell a man to read the directions & especially one who is a Tech graduate. Once the directions were read TO him - it worked like a flash! Brenda

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Trident Dive Glo-Toob Light
Rating: Trident-Dive-Glo-Toob-Light Special F "eel" ings for my towel

My husband is fascinated by eels - moray, spotted - it doesnt matter. We have so many pictures and/or videos of them youd think we sent in this picture to be copied on the towel. When I saw the green snake-like monster as a choice for towels, I immediately ordered one. He is always getting picked on for our Hawaiian themed towels (the ones with pineapples, fruits, or flowers). So now he has a "manly" towel and one thats appropriate for a scuba diver who is obsessed with the man-friendly beast. The towel has lots of dark blue and aqua water colors on it as well. The thickness is just right for an after diving, quick towel dry. I dont think his dive buds should make fun of him any longer. Next weve got to find a good hat to replace the printed hats that he wears to keep the sun off his face while riding to and from the dive sites. Brenda Neese

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