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Rating: Good bug bag

this bag is great. holds the load tight and is easy to use. you can practically the bugs in tail first and they deposit themselves safely at the bottom. the inlet is big enough for a bug up to about 6 lbs it seems. a shipmate caught a tough guy of a bug weighing in at about 6 lbs it fought him and gave him a hard time and he said. he couldnt get the bug into the bag through the mouth so he had to unzip the bottom to get him in. these bags are good and sturdy and can hold a great dives worth of bugs no problem. its also great for scallop hunting too, good all around bag. dan

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XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip
Rating: XS-Scuba-Xscerrory-Mini-Retractor-Clip Mini retractor a great choice

This mini retractor is a good little retractor. I used it to keep my backup (princeton tec surge) light in controll during night dives and to keep my canon powershot with the wpd60 housing in check and in my grasp at a moments notice during the day. And another mini retractor full time as my console keeper. Above water all items sagged about 6 inches but as soon as i was in the water the little guys kept everything tight and streamelined. Good and compact and tough, with a plenty long enough extention for me. Good choice, highly recomended. Dan

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XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip
Rating: XS-Scuba-Xscerrory-Mini-Retractor-Clip Princeton Tec Surge Light

The P.T. Surge light is a great light. Fairly compact and plenty powerful, Great for day dives and more than enough as a backup at night. Worked really well for bug hunting during the day, cuz it was compact sturdy and bright. It could fit easily into my Knighthawk BCD pocket and anyone who owns one knows how small those pockets are. The light has a good and tough design and it comes with batteries!! Switch is easy to operate even with gloves on. Only con is removing the battery tray is a little troublesome, takes sticky dry fingers and some dedication. Overall a great light, highly recomended!

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Pelican Nemo 8C Light
Rating: Pelican-Nemo-8C-Dive-Light Nemo 8c is great!

I took this to the Chanel Islands this weekend and it was indispensable for every dive. Plenty bright for bug hunting and exploring dark crevices during the day and awesome for a primary at night. The light is fairly compact and the magnetic swith is genius! Didnt fowl up once and is a surefire way to guarantee water tightness. Nice and slightly negatively boyant underwater. Tough as nails too. We had this paired with the princeton tec shockwave 2 and the nemo held its own. An advantage for the nemo was the simplicity in its use. It had one switch position that was easily activated even with thick gloves on and locked into position, on or off, along with a fairly narrow beam. The P.T. was a little more fumbly with a sticky 2 pos switch and slightly wider beam. Both good lights but nemo won my vote. Great light, buy it!!! Dan

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Trident L.E.D. Light Stick
Rating: Trident-L.E.D.-Light-Stick Ok night dive beacon

This light works ok. I bought the red flashing type hoping it would help distinguish me from the crowd for my buddy. But it ended up just being just OK. First off red was the wrong choice, red is the first collor absorbed by water so the beacon light wouldnt be as brilliant from a distance as say blue. My buddy mentioned that the blinking was a set back because if he was scanning for me, my beacon was easily missed. So Id say if you have to buy this one go for green or White solid. It does sink so I had to mount it centered with my white tank for it to have maximum effect. I would not buy again, I would go with the Trident Gloo Toob. My brother was using the Gloo Toob in blue and it was really brilliant. At the surface while facing him it illuminated his black hoses with a noticable blue glow and down below you could see him as far as his primary could be seen. I give the gloo toob 5 stars. Hope this helps Dan

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