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Rating: The safest light available.

Tough, reliable, and extremely visible compared to the others. Some people can be irritated by the distraction of the strobe. But, whatever. If something goes wrong at night or depth, i want people to know where i am. I paid more for this light because it is the best. Ante up the extra $20 for the security. If youre doing as reef dive in clear protected bays in 20 of water, you dont need it. Here in Hawaii where youve got weird currents, 3000 miles of ocean in all directions, near shore abyss, and extreme weather I want this light.

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Rating: Great light.

Great light, all the praise rings true. BUT... for the money I would suggest the Princeton Tec Shockwave LED, same output, quadruple the battery life, smaller and cheaper.

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Rating: Best light out there hands down.

I have used this light on 5 dives so far. (Manta night dives rock!) I also bought the HID Light Cannon 100, largely seen as the best light available for under $300. This light is as bright, weighs less, doesnt need to warm up, is less delicate, a permenant bulbs, and has quadruple the battery life of the more expensive light cannon. Dont debate, i did a lot of research, the Shockwave LED is the light to buy. I might suggest buying a large pack of Ni-MH batteries online in bulk from a web dealer for the cost-savings. Excellent product: comfortable, durable, light, efficient and powerful.

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