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Rating: 38-SPECIAL NORTHWEST SPEARGUN JBL line reel 11/20/2006

I didnt really need this for spearfishing ,however I kept the reel as opposed to sending it back because I will use it for attaching to a dive flag/float when I am lake diving.

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Rating: 38-SPECIAL NORTHWEST SPEARGUN sporasub speargun bag 11/20/2006

Since I was a newbie to spearfishing at the time of purchase, I thought that this was a necessary item . however I learned that its easier to break the gun down (two screws) and put it in your dive bag. Save the cash for other things.

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JBL 38-Special Northwest Speargun
Rating: JBL-38-Special-Northwest-Speargun 38 special northwest 11/20/2006

The gun is everything I expected it to be . It is perfect for small to medium sized fish. Since I bought the gun for my first spearfishing trip , I really didnt know what to expect but I learned that this gun has good penetration within the twelve foot range. I captured everything I shot with it. A great buy!

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