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Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt
Rating: Trident-Stretch-Rubber-Diving-Weight-Belt Good Choice for Freediving

this rubber weight belt is depth compensating and slip resistant. it doesnt slide around like traditional web weight belts. so, maneuvering comfort and safety are maximized. your buckle is always in the front where it should be. the belt doesnt get 5 stars due to a couple of minor flaws. it doesnt come with any directions expaining how to thread and assemble the 3 confusing hunks of metal which come comprise the buckle. maybe im a tad slow... but it took me a while of playing with it to figure it out. adjustment takes a little getting used to also. however, once you get it adjusted, it stays that way. you should plan to have dedicated weights for that belt. you wont want to add and remove weights. it takes too much time to remove and reinstall/adjust the buckle. if you adjust your weight for various depths, you might find it tedious. you should wear a dive skin or wetsuit with this belt otherwise the buckle might pinch your skin when opening or closing it. a great feature of the buckle is that it is easy to hold it open for ascent without having to worry about losing the belt accidentally. the belt will off in the event of shallow water blackout. that is a very comforting feature. overall, i believe this to be a suitable belt for freediving and a good value.

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Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt
Rating: Trident-Stretch-Rubber-Diving-Weight-Belt Comfortable Low Volume Mask lacks good Field of View

I bought this mask for freediving due to its low volume. I found it to be surprisingly comfortable and fit my face very well. It seems to be well constructed as you might expect from a reputable company like Cressi. However, I was disappointed in the field of view. It was considerably less than I expected. There is a real tunnel vision effect. The small FOV results from the tiny size of the windows and the relatively large distance of those windows from your face. I compared them with my swim goggles. The windows of the swim goggles are small, but close to my face. The swim goggles also have transparent plastic on the sides of the windows. The Minima does not. Overall, I would recommend this mask for someone looking for ultra low volume and planning to freedive deeper than I do. The tradeoff of small FOV for low volume just doesnt seem to be worth it for shallow freediving.

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Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt
Rating: Trident-Stretch-Rubber-Diving-Weight-Belt The Perfect Fins for Casual Freediving

Ive purchased many different fins for the purpose of shallow freediving exercises in the pool and freediving in the shallow depths of the Gulf of Mexico. These are my favorite fins for this application. I weigh 230 pounds and find that snorkel fins just dont cut it for any purpose for me. My open heel SCUBA dive fins could do the job, but I wanted something more comfortable and less expensive. These were low cost, light weight and ultra comfortable. They have enough power to propel a big boy like me, but I feel they would be lacking if I used them for SCUBA. That was not my intent for these fins. They seem like theyll be durable enough to last a long time. They handle a variety of kicks well. I feel like I have good control and a comfortable motion. Of course, they are much shorter than standard freediving fins. This makes it easier for maneuvering in the pool, tighter spaces, and shallower depths. I dont know how well they would handle for snorkeling because I dont spend much time kicking around on the surface. All in all, I love them for my specific application.

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