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Underwater Kinetics BCD / Regulator Hanger
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-BCD---Regulator-Hanger scuba awareness 3/23/2007

This is my 2nd hanger. Left the other one in Bonaire. Satisfied with product and Using these hangers is so much better than using a nail on the wall to try and dry something.

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Henderson 17oz Superior Polyolefin Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-17oz-Superior-Polyolefin-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Scuba Awareness 3/23/2007

Love it. The fit is good. Warmer than just a skin and easier to get on than a wet suite. Purchased one for myself and went back and got one for my spouse as a gift. This is my 3rd purchase from and I have been satisfied with each.

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Oceanic Used Vortex V-6 Full Foot Fins
Rating: Oceanic-Used-Vortex-V-6-Full-Foot-Fins Good fit 10/18/2006

This is my second pair of full foot fins with the split. I think the split in the fin does make a difference. The fit was good and I would recommend this fin to anyone who likes full foot fins for diving. Full fit fins are harder to remove after diving and hanging onto a ladder in rough seas. But, if you hate stinky booties after a week of diving on a live-aboard, this is an option.

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XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt
Rating: XS-Scuba-Cordura-Diving-Weight-Belt Well constructed 10/18/2006

This is my second weight belt. The first weight belt by another vendor was not durable and broke down from wear and weights. This weight belt appears to be constructed to carry multiple pounds of weight. If you have a small waistline order a weight belt with minimum amount of pockets. The more pockets, the longer the belt to accommodate pockets. I wish I had ordered one with fewer pockets. Although, I adjusted to fit my waist.

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