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Rating: InstaDry Suits

it wasnt love at first sight when i got my 7 mm henderson instadry jumpsuitit was a real pain to put on and i felt like the michelin man. a friend assured me that it would get better and it did. after you wear it a few times, it tends to conform to your body shape. it also slides on easily if you mix up some hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spritz the inside of the suit and your skin before donning. (also softens your skin and keeps the suit smelling good.) the zippers at ankles also help a lot. the 7 mm suit kept me comfortable in the galapagos (along with a hood). i also have a 3 mm suit that i wear in warmer water and just got the 5 mm for slightly cooler temps. the only problem has been some cracking and peeling of the knee patches, which henderson will repair if you send the suit in to them.

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Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Pocket-Semi-Dry-Snorkel Foldable snorkel

I hate having a snorkel hanging on my head while diving, but like to have one available just in case you end up spending prolonged time on the surface. I didnt actually have to use the snorkel on my recent trip, but it folded up and fit into a small BC pocket. The super velcro-type attachment to mask strap also makes it easy to secure in place when needed.

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