Scuba Gear Reviews by joel tobey

Rating: Diving Comfortably

This jumpsuit is very comfortable and very easy to don. The thin knee pads are surprisingly tough and durable. I dive a lot in the Caribbean and shorties dont give enough protection from a scrap or the occasional jelly fish. I wanted something that would be compatable to warm water diving and the Neosport 3/2mm Henderson fits the bill. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable super stretch full suit. The price is also very good compared to other three mill suits. Joel Tobey

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Rating: Confort Shorts

I was recently on a dive trip on the MV Fling out of Freeport, Texas. Most Dive gear shorts are black and I was wearing the Royal Blue. It seamed to catch the eyes of many divers and they ask me where I got them that they would like to get a pair. Of coarse I told them. It is very important to be confortable when diving and these shorts are lined for warmth and fit well with any dive suit. They dry fast and will not bunch up in the dive suit. They simply become part of you. I have both the Black and Royal Blue. I always put on the Royal Blue first because they look so good. Youll love them, Joel Tobey

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XS Scuba Safety Sausage (SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Safety-Sausage--SMB Safety sausage

I purchase two 8 safety sausages one for me and one for my wife in preparation for the scuba diving trip to the Gulf. In fact I had to deploy the sausage during one dive since I did not finish the dive at the boat and had to be picked up by the recovery boat. The sausage was deployed for visibility. The sausage was easy to inflate, however, it would not stand up once inflated, it would just lay on the water. I had to hold it in the middle while holding on to the morring line to get it to stand up. This would essencially cut the height of the sausage in half.

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XS Scuba Safety Sausage (SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Safety-Sausage--SMB Oceanic Regulator Bag

The Oceanic regulator bag is a good design, however, it needs to be about two more inches in diameter. I use a legend regulator and it sets higher than most regulators. I thought the extra hight of the oceanic would help, however, I have to wind it tighter than I want because of the bags diameter. I also use a Sunnto Vipor computer and it doent fit well in the Oceanic. Overall with the extra cubic inches it should be at least 14" in diameter instead of 12". Joel

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Ideations Dive Alert
Rating: Ideations-Dive-Alert dive alert standard

The dive alert was shipped in a timely manner. The next weekend I took it on a dive to try it out. It did all that was said in the advertisement for the product. It was so loud my dive buddy told me not to use it again unless I had to that the sound would hurt her ears. I do alot of ocean diving and after seeing the movie "Open Water" I decided that this was necessary for ocean diving with dive groups as I never want to be left behind.

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