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Akona 6.5mm Quantum Stretch Hooded Dive Vest
Rating: Akona-6.5mm--Quantum-Stretch-Hooded-Dive-Vest Very good Hoodie Vest

I use this year round. The trick I have learned... In warmer months, I wear the vest inside the wetsuit. In cooler months, I wear it on the outside. This lets me pull back the hoodie to allow water down my back if I overheat in warmer months, but not get water down my back in cooler months. The zipper on the side really helps out. There is a bleed hole on the top to allow air to escape without creating a bubble. Fits very well. When you need to take it off, just ask a buddy to grab the bottom of the back and pull it right over your head as you bend over. Easy to remove due to the zipper feature. It would be nice if it had a key holder in it though...

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Scubamax Reel
Rating: Scubamax-Reel Great reel

This is NOT a great reel for beginners that feel the need for a thick line. It IS a great reel for its small size, the thin but strong line for those a little more comfortable going into overhead environments. I did have to add a stainless steel clip though to clip it on to my BC without interfering or entangling. A very good reel for a good price.

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Scubamax Reel
Rating: Scubamax-Reel Solid construction, easy to tuck away. Very worthwhile purchase.

This tank holder really does the trick. I like the roll-up feature. When I dont need it, I can tuck it in the trunk out of the way. It holds two tanks comfortably. I often have my rig set to go and it will hold the tank plus gear in one slot, with a spare tank in the other slot. Highly recommend this over some I have seen in LDS. The o-rings on the edges really help keep it stable.

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