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Rating: Full face mask

Amazing, it has nothing to do with the usual regulators(octopus),mask ,snorkels and so on... Ability to feel free moving you lips,breathing comfortably as it can be done underwater,180 degrees view spectrum without fogging is amazing using a hi-end device like this from not professional (which I am not ) is a spectacular for the eyes For those which are still considering -go ahead , it will totally change the way of how do you feel underwater

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Rating: buoyancy vest

Recently Ive got a buoyancy vest Cressi-sub J101 BC the reason that I choose it first of all was the ergonomic design,It is easy to wear without any additional help even attached to 18 kilos tank easy to carry,even with the tank the most valuable advantage,according to me is the ability to fine tune the buoyancy with the inflatable system. Even not promised by the producer ,every time while surfacing my position was correct ( tank was attached )so it can be used as a live vest in emergency as well great

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Rating: oceanreef surface air valve

Being user of the surface valve,I think that I did escape one of the most common problems while surfacing.Usually managing easily octopus or regulators are not applicable for this kind of hi-end equipment. Because of the construction,and the purpose of the full face mask, take some time to be fine adjusted, using the valve I can spare some air while preparing for diving,as well as surfacing, It so easy to use -while you are not under water -just turn it on,and you can freely breath air without removing the mask as well as any of your other equipment I would suggest adding this additional device

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