Scuba Gear Reviews by Philip Farris

Rating: Fantastic boots!

I really like the Akona boots. The non-skid soles are excellent and they are very comfortalble to wear. Please ensure you order the correct size for your foot. I usually wear shoes a half size larger than I need in order to get a comfortable fit in the width. These boots molded to my feet so I actually had to replace them with a half size smaller.

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Rating: Snorkel Paradise

This is a great snorkel. I used it on several snorkel outings and never had to worry about clearing it. Overall I rate it a great snorkel and recommend it. Users should be prepared though for an occasional air blockage if the snorkel isnt straight up and down. The flap thap keeps water out can sometimes flap closed and you might be a little shocked when you cant take a breath.

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Rating: Mask

Great mask for snorkeling, decent mask for diving. I have had masks with a much greater range of vision, but this one is good. The blue plastic on the peripheral means you have to actually turn your head to see anything greater than about a 30 degree angle. This is fine for snorkling. The only real problem I have had is a small leak I cant seem to stop under my right eye. This isnt a big problem it just means I have had to clear this mask more often than I am used to clearing a mask.

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Rating: Great Fins

These are great fins and I have really enjoyed using them. Moving through the water is fast and easy. The straps are excellent and allow them to be adjusted easily and the snap-in clips allow them to be removed easily while still in the water.

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