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Rating: A Luggage Tag you can be Proud to Display...

I was in need of some durable luggage tags that wouldnt look like that cat dragged them in after one trip. After receiving and applying these handsome tags to my luggage, I took them a several flights to let the baggage handlers give em their best shots. I am pleased to say that the tags came out looking wonderful. They are flexible, thick, hold your ID firmly in place.....and advertise your love for the sport of SCUBA. Note: one word of caution. I would not apply them to your checked luggage as a safety precaution. There (unfortunately) are some baggage handlers that might take the liberty of a "5 finger discount" when your gear is not near....

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Innovative Spare Tire Cover
Rating: Innovative-Spare-Tire-Cover Got a Spare Tire that needs to be Covered? (this is not a diet:) )

my old rear spare tire cover had worn out and needed replacing. i didnt want to advertise for a car dealer anymore....nor did i want to pay dealers prices for the privilege. after quickly applying this diver down cover to my spare, i was impressed with its quality ease of application to my tire and the fact that it advertised my favorite sport....diving. did i mention that i saved a bunch of money on price too?

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Innovative Spare Tire Cover
Rating: Innovative-Spare-Tire-Cover DUI Weight/Trim Harness - An Equal Opportunity Weight System

this great system is a great equal opportunity weight system. the dui harness is wonderful to free dive with, as well as scuba with. no more begging deck hands or buddies to hoist the "typical" overweighted (integrated) bc and tank onto your back. no more weights digging into your hips. whether beach diving or boat diving, you can walk around feeling like you hardly have a weight system on! this d version is even better than its previous cousin. it has very quick adjust toggles is lighter and its material makeup is very flexible and comfortable.

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