Scuba Gear Reviews by Joseph Harszy

Rating: Weight Pouch Superior Ilumination 11/18/2006

The UK Light Cannon is,by far, one of the brightest underwater lights available for an affordable price, especially at SCUBA.COM. My first dive experience with this light was to a dark depth of 117 ft. in an inland quarry. The Light Cannon blasted a beam of light that guided my underwater adventure like no other. I highly recommend everyone who dives in low or no light depths to buy a Light Cannon, they wont be disappointed.

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch Quality of Excellence 9/19/2006

The XS Scuba Weight Pouch is by far the best quality of any refillable weight pouch on the market. With its double velcro closure system, the pouch is virtually non-spillable and non-destructable. Best of all, this weight pouch is more economical than any other on the market. After buying my lead shot from a local sporting goods store and purchasing these inexpensive pouches, my total weight system was a savings of approximately $20.00 over other prefilled weight bags on the market. Plus, not to mention, the best quality.

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