Scuba Gear Reviews by Mark Kaczmarek

Trident California Marine Life Identification DVD
Rating: Trident-California-Marine-Life-Identification-DVD Only thing available 01/22/2009

I was looking for a dvd of this nature, but would have rather had one available in the tropic waters I dive (Florida, Cayman Islands, etc). This is the only one I could find. I havent seen the dvd yet, but it did arrive with the shrink wrap torn open already. Worried that the dvd might be used.

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Scubamax Glow-In-The-Dark Wrist Dive Slate
Rating: Scubamax-Glow-In-The-Dark-Wrist-Dive-Slate Great to beable to communicate underwater 08/15/2007

I have used this slate on multiple dives know and it continues to be the best communicator going. With the three slates, I can keep inportant information (like turnaround or starting pressure, dive profile, etc) and still use the other two slates to communicate or take notes. I do wish however that the there where two arm bands to tighten, then just the one. The contour keeps it positioned properly on the arm, just slides down the arm on occasion when I havent cinched the strap tight enough.

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Genesis Panview 4 Window Mask
Rating: Genesis-Panview-4-Window-Mask Great View, if you can see through the Fog 07/12/2007

the mask fits great. it clears very easily and is comfortable to wear. as of todate (4 dives later), im still having problems with the mask fogging up. i use anti-fog s and it has been helping. (getting clearer with each dive). so maybe after the 5th or 6th dive, all will be ok. well worth the purchase, but make sure you give yourself enough time to break-in the mask, so that it doesnt fog on your must do dive trip.

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XS Scuba 6/4/3mm Pyrostretch Zippered Hooded Dive Vest
Rating: XS-Scuba-6-4-3mm-Pyrostretch-Zippered-Hooded-Dive-Vest Fits like a glove 11/21/2006

If your interested in a hooded vest that fits good and is easy to get on/off...then take a few minutes to look at this one. The sizing runs pretty true...although I ordered two to be sure. The return of the unused one went very well also.

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