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Trident L.E.D. Light Stick
Rating: Trident-L.E.D.-Light-Stick Good product 9/30/2006

We like these light sticks. They work well, and are bright enough for night diving. They are not wasteful like the chemical sticks, and unlike the chemical sticks they are not banned on Bonaire and other destinations. I would have given it five stars, except for the fact that when my wife twisted hers in the wrong direction trying to turn it off, it opened and the small batteries jumped out of it like they were trying to escape. It is a minor complaint, though, and we plan on continuing to dive with these light sticks.

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XS Scuba Tank Banger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Tank-Banger Simple and Useful 9/30/2006

This is a pretty simple review for a simple product. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and attracts the attention of my buddy. I like it.

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