Scuba Gear Reviews by George Erchinger

Rating: TRUE DRY BAG Dry Bags 9/20/2006

We found the seal on these bags to be very difficult to close. Quality freezer bags from the local grocer are a preferred choice for me over these bags because although somewhat thinner, they are easier to use and much less expensive.

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Rating: TRUE DRY BAG Halogen Torch by 9/20/2006

An excellent choice for a back-up light at a low price. There are better back-up lights out there, but they cost two or three times as much. For a light to be used only in the event of failure of the primary light, this is the one to purchase.

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Scuba BC Knife
Rating: Scuba-BC-Dive-Knife BC Knife by SCUBA.COM 9/20/2006

A small practicle knife with a secure latching seath. Can be attached to the BC and stays out of the way until needed.

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