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Rating: 6/4/3mm Pyrostretch Zippered Hooded Dive Vest Body Glove skin 9/24/2007

this skin is a real bargain. good fit,quick drying, uv protection what more could you ask for?

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XS Scuba 6/4/3mm Pyrostretch Zippered Hooded Dive Vest
Rating: XS-Scuba-6-4-3mm-Pyrostretch-Zippered-Hooded-Dive-Vest Serious adjustability for various water temperatures! 9/18/2006

When coupled with a two piece farmer john style wetsuit,the Pyrostretch zippered hooded vest allows me to adjust to different water temperatures. For cold water I wear all three pieces, along with 5mm gloves. For slightly warmer water, I wear the vest over the bibs without the jacket. When the water is even warmer I will wear only the bibs. I dive in rivers, where I dredge for gold. I am facing upstream most of the time. By buying a hooded vest one size larger than my wetsuit and wearing it over my suit, no water can be forced into my suit, which can be a real problem with traditional hoods. By keeping the core of my body warm, I can work longer with less fatigue. Less fatigue means clearer thinking thus less chance of making bad decisions. Safety first!

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